Property & Business Appraisal, Feasibility Study, Advisory.
It's almost like a management report card. By getting a valuation done on some periodic basis, it can give a business owner a sense of how much their business increased or decreased during some certain time period.
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Sumalindo Lestari Jaya Tbk
Agro Valuation Division

Industry: PT Sumalindo Lestari Jaya Tbk manufactures timber, operates industrial timber plantations, and trades its products in the international and local markets. Through its subsidiaries, the Company also manufactures plywood.

Scope of Valuation: Plantation valuation and biological asset valuation for financial statement purposes, to comply with IFRS rules.

Business Valuation Division

Business valuation is the act or process of arriving at an opinion or estimation of the value of a business or entity or an interest therein.

Machinary Valuation Division

The machinery valuation division is supported by machinery valuers, with formal education majoring in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and electro engineering, mostly members of MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraiser).

Agro Valuation Division

Our agro valuation division is supported by agro valuers, who possessed bachelor or master degree in agriculture engineering, and have all become MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraiser) members.

Real Estate Division

Our real estate division is supported by real estate valuers with formal education majoring in civil engineering, mostly members of MAPPI (Indonesian Society of Appraisers).